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Ann - 15 - INTP - Homosexual - Feminine Agender - Dissociative & Bipolar

The fact that I'm slightly functioning is amazing and I'm proud of that, You should be proud of yourself, too.

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Posted on 21st Oct at 3:32 AM

I just wanted to get a piece of bread

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Posted on 21st Oct at 3:29 AM

my mom and her bf are going at it and the fuckin door is open so i just sent her a text to close the fucking door

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Incorporating politics into this Ebola epidemic is really what’s slowing the eradication down. News sources are sensationalizing a virus that can be controlled and causing public panic.. which is why the US is wasting millions a day screening airports and related.
Nigeria is the most populated country in West Africa and it’s fully eradicated.. One of the reasons is because they don’t have fox news.

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Japanese Sweet Lolita Girls’ Pink & Blue Fashion in Harajuku [x]

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Cute maid wants to serve you some love~ (っ`◇´)っ✂♥
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Cute maid wants to serve you some love~ (っ`◇´)っ

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